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Fritz London Memorial Prize: Call for Nominations

Nominations are sought for the Fritz London Memorial Prize for Low Temperature Physics, which will be presented at the International Low Temperature Conference (LT30) in Bilbao, Spain, in August 2025.

The Fritz London Memorial Prize is an international prize supported by the endowment created at Duke University by John Bardeen, a generous gift from the late Horst Meyer, and donations from Oxford Instruments. It is awarded once every three years and is intended to recognize outstanding experimental and theoretical contributions to low temperature physics. Background information and a list of previous London Prize winners can be found at:

The members of the 2025 London Memorial Prize Committee are: P. Hakonen (Chair, Aalto U., Finland), Eva Andrei (Rutgers U., USA), Laura Greene (FSU and MagLab, USA), H. Mooij (TU Delft, Netherlands), and Y. Okuda (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan).

Nominations and supporting letters should be sent to the Chair of the Prize Committee:
Prof. Pertti Hakonen
Subject: London Memorial Prize

The deadline for the receipt of nominations and supporting letters is November 15, 2024.

The nomination letter should clearly state all of the following:
The basis for the proposed prize.
Publications on which the nomination is based.
An assessment of the impact on the low temperature community.
Relevant biographical information and institutional affiliation.

Supporting letters (no more than 4) should be submitted together with the nomination materials.

There are no restrictions on who could receive this award. It has been the policy of the committee to avoid giving the award for work that has already been recognized by the Simon Memorial Prize or by other comparable awards. The committee also looks more favorably on recent work as compared to work whose significance has been apparent for a long time.

Nominations are sought for the 2025 Simon Memorial Prize.

The Simon Memorial Prize, established in 1957, commemorates the outstanding contributions to science of Sir Francis Simon. The prize is an international prize with no restrictions on nationality. It is awarded for distinguished work in experimental or theoretical low temperature physics.

Nominations should be sent to the Secretary of the Simon Memorial Prize Selection Panel, Prof. Andrew Armour,, by November 15, 2024, together with a supporting statement describing the achievements for which the prize should be awarded. Additional letters supporting the nomination from colleagues with relevant expertise are also welcome and should be submitted together with the nomination. Selection policy is to avoid presenting the prize to previous winners of the Simon Memorial Prize or the Fritz London Memorial Prize.

The prize presentation will take place at the 30th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT30), Bilbao, August 2025.

The most recent winners of the prize are:
Jukka Pekola (2020)
Louis Taillefer (2017)
Peter W├Âlfle (2014)
Sergey V. Iordanskii and Nikolai B. Kopnin (2011)
Yasunobu Nakamura and Jaw-Shen Tsai (2008)
Grigory Volovik (2004)
Giorgio Frossati (2001)

For further details see

The Simon Memorial Prize is supported financially by Oxford Instruments and administered by the Low Temperature Group of the Institute of Physics, UK.

IUPAP young scientist prize in Low Temperature Physics

The IUPAP young scientist prize in Low Temperature Physics recognizes exceptional achievements in Low Temperature Physics by scientists at a junior stage of their career. More information at: click here.

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